Alexei Turcan (RO)

My computer and music programming were the first tools that allowed me to explore my "one-man-orchestra" possibilities. Of course playing many instruments helped, but the vision and the shape of the music I had in my mind, became a reality once I could hear them all together. These were the first steps of climbing the music production ladder. I've worked on my acts, I've changed the alias every couple of years and I've collaborated and performed with different live bands, so the projects varied more and more, until my vision was mature enough to adapt to the creation of other artists.

Spending long days in the recording studio along with working on music for theatre and film helped me over the years to become what I never even dreamed of - a focused artist that use any and every instrument on the hand for experimenting as much as possible, so that the final creation seems as new and as natural as it can become.

Some actors never watch their movies, I am the kind of musician that enjoys listening to my music. At least I'm the first to spot the crap if this is the case, so the lesson is quickly learned :)