Danube Sounds partners are concert venues, cultural centres, booking, promoting and management agencies or music export initiatives all from countries linked by the river Danube. All the organizations participate actively in Danube Sounds coordination; helping local applicants and contributing to all the processes with their experience.

Partners list

A38 Ship, Budapest (HU)

A38 Ship is a cultural entertainment centre on the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary. The eighteen-years-old concert venue has a special constellation of an international programme, a restaurant, bar, a concert hall, an open-air terraces, a lounge and other celestial pleasures - all in one aboard as one of the most fascinating venues in Budapest. The vision is simple and obvious: to be a culturally open, exciting and vibrating place. The A38 Ship wants to provide an experience, make it musical, theatrical, gastronomic, literal, artistic – intellectual or sensual.

Banana Records (HU)

Banana Records is a sub-label of Universal Music Group Hungary, led by music producers Máriusz Fodor and Kamau Makumi. Launched in 2020, with an indie focus and attitude, the label is home to a growing number of up-and-coming recording artists and producers.

Ink Music (AT)

Since 2001 Ink Music has become a major player in the Austrian music landscape in the field of artist development, career planning and support in the broader sense. Working also as management and agency, booking and promoting countless shows, label and publishing has always been the company’s heart and soul. It helped bringing many now familiar names into the light – like Leyya, Ezra Furman, Bilderbuch, Sohn or Ja, Panik. Ink Music continues to develop, release and market talent in 2021 with upcoming solo releases of Mira Lu Kovacs and Kerosin95 (both of My Ugly Clementine), but also with more output from promising soul singer Lou Asril or HipHop/Indie outfit Sharktank.


Lala Slovak Music Export (SK)

LALA Slovak Music Export is a non-profit organisation aiming to be the first official Slovak music export initiative. Our main goal is to create a concept of long-term support and presentation of Slovak music scene abroad. We are not focused on specific genres, however, our first steps will be aimed mostly at off-mainstream music. The keywords are cooperation and education. We are very committed to helping Slovak music grow, offer all our experience, network connections in order to contribute to higher level of music education in the country and connect the key players and organisations of our music scene. Better infrastructure and cooperation on the national level => better odds to succeed with our music abroad.

Music Export Poland (PL)

Established in 2018, the MUSIC EXPORT POLAND Foundation aims to create new prospects for Polish music, whose presence on foreign markets is still marginal. While making it easier for artists and the music industry to reach fans all over the world, globalization may be both an opportunity and a threat to Poland, because on the way to success it is easy to lose your tradition and cultural identity. The activity of MUSIC EXPORT POLAND is the answer to these challenges. Thanks to the understanding and support of the Founders, Partners and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish music has gained a chance to emerge on foreign markets. Although the examples of other countries show that export successes do not come lightly and changes in the education system as well as establishing business contacts require many years of work, the effects of the Foundation’s 3 years long activity make us believe that the chosen direction is correct and will bring the expected results in the near future.

Overground Music (RO)

We’re a music agency based in Bucharest, Romania. Our work is connected to some of the biggest names of the Romanian alternative scene, as well as some of its most promising up-and-coming artists. For more than 8 years we’ve been doing our part in promoting their stories and achievements through PR and communication campaigns. Currently we’re also co-organizers of Mastering the Music Business, Romani’s leading music business conference, and we’re slowly developing our international outreach.

Tendencies 21 (HU)

Tendencies 21 functions as an agency, but works rather as a group of professionals focusing on specific tasks or projects. The themes, concepts brought to life or supported are diverse and bring together a wide range of personalities and know-how. The tasks may vary from project to project, but mostly based on strategic or service design, communication and production. In recent years their key clients were The Coca-Cola Company, Etnia Barcelona, Lupa or the European Commission and T21 was also involved in a number of sub-contracted projects for various agencies or institutions.

MME info

The program is co-funded by the Music Moves Europe program of the European Commission. Music Moves Europe (MME) is the overarching framework for the European Commission's initiatives and actions in support of Europe’s music sector. Music constitutes an important pillar of European culture and is probably the cultural and creative sector with the largest audience reach. It is an essential component of Europe’s cultural diversity and it has the power to bring positive changes in society. With MME, the European Commission wants to build on and strengthen further the sector's strong assets: creativity, diversity and competitiveness. Music Moves Europe’s specific objectives are: promoting creativity and innovation, safeguarding and expanding the diversity of European music and helping the sector adapt to and benefit from digitisation.