Upload your track until the end of May!

There’s three weeks left - upload your new hit until the 31st of May and be in one of the four teams who gets to work with Steve Dub or Mo Hausler! Get the best out of this cross-border collaboration!

Upload your new track, mark all the contributors and celebrate the diverse background of your demo! Only one person per group has to upload the track, but they must include everybody who contributed to the song. Don’t forget: only uploading your demo counts as an application.

Danube Sounds is not genre-based, but you must consider that the professionals involved have a relevance in contemporary pop-rock culture, clubs and media. There’s no limit regarding the length of your demo, however you should consider creating a song that works on streaming platforms or in radio. Keep in mind that all materials handed in need to be original, the program is not focusing on covers or any rearrangement of formerly published tracks or themes. In case the track contains samples, this needs to be noted in detail within the application. If you give some background information about creating the demo, it’ll be appreciated.

Quick reminder on the rules - make sure that your band is eligible!

  1. Each group needs to consist of three to six people where at least three nations are involved.
  2. Each member of the group must have relevant background in the form of a music video or an already released song.
  3. Every member of the group must be 18 years old or older.
  4. Every member of the group must have a recognizable role or feature in creating the demo.
  5. All contributors must be tagged when uploading the demo.

If you have any questions or doubts, contact us: hello@danubesounds.eu

Good luck!