Frequently Asked Questions

How many tracks may I apply with?

You can apply with one to three tracks per group with the exact same members. However, you may join as many groups as you like and can create extra consortiums or mutations.

How long should the demo be?

There’s no limit regarding the length of your demo, however you should consider creating a song that works on streaming platforms or in radio.

How many people do we need to have in the group?

You have to create a group with at least three people, where all of you come from different nationalities. You can form a group with three to six members where half of the members come from different countries.

Do we have to all come from different nations?

If you have formed a group of three then yes. If you are more than three you must come from at least three different nationalities.

Does the group need to play all the instruments?

You don’t have to play all the instrument, however if your track is selected you must find a solution for recording that.

Will you help me find partners?

Of course we’ll help you find members for your supergroup. You can find partners on the official Facebook page of Danube Sounds, don’t hesitate to share your ideas! If you’re still looking for a member from another country or someone who plays a certain instrument contact us here and the mentors will help!

Where can I find members for my group?

You can reach out in your already established network, post your ideas on the official Danube Sounds Facebook page, or ask the help of regional mentors.

Is fluent English a must?

Speaking English fluently is necessary to participate in the program.

Can I apply with my band if we are already from different countries?

Yes, if you’re at least from three different countries, you may apply with your already existing band. But you can’t hand in a demo that has already been published.

Can I contact the mentors directly?

You can write to the mentors via this form.

What genres are to participate?

Danube Sounds is not genre-based, but you must consider that the professionals involved have a relevance in contemporary pop-rock culture, clubs and media.

Could non-EU partners participate?

Yes, one per group.

Does the UK count as a non-EU partner?


Do we all have to upload our track?

Only one member of the group must upload the track. They can add all the contributors using the registration ID. If you have a problem with adding members or you find yourself left out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will the track be public?

Application and uploaded tracks won’t be made public at the early phases of the program. All materials will be handed in on an online platform only accessible for the project team, mentors and curators after the deadline. Those tracks that will be selected for the shortlist won’t be public either. Only the recorded and mastered tracks will be published.

How will I know if the track is selected?

You’ll get a message via the official website and an e-mail notification.

Can we choose our mentor if our track will be selected?

No, the tracks will be selected by the mentors and headmentors. Mentors will choose the groups based on artistic value, composition, potentials.

Will there be any chance to shoot selfies with the mentors?

If you are selected you can take photos during the recording days and masterclass.

Will the program be held if the Covid-19 pandemic gets worse?

Yes, in case that travelling between countries won’t be possible Danube Sounds goes online.