Take part in a cross-border collaboration!

If you have ever dreamt of taking part in a cross-border project and recording with world class producers, this is the right place for you. Danube Sounds serves the opportunity: apply to the program until the 30th of April! Deadline is extended: upload your track until the end of May!

The pandemic hasn’t been going easy on the music industry: cancelling, postponing, rescheduling and waiting for better news - the circle goes like this. But it encourages to explore new possibilities, expand our limits and (literally) borders. Join Danube Sounds and take part in a unique cross-border collaboration, we guide you through the application process step by step.

Step 1: Register

Fill the registration form on this website to participate. Upload your professional biography and a photo of yourself, tell us more about your skills regarding composing a new track. Beside the personal and professional information you need to prove your eligibility to the program with links of your previous works. Your profile won’t be public for other participants, it’s only available to Danube Sounds mentors and coordinators. 

Step 2: Form a new supergroup

Danube Sounds is about working together with artists from abroad - mainly but not exclusively from Central Europe. Reach out in your network, gather your friends from other nations and collaborate on a new song. Form the new regional supergroup consisting of three to six members. The groups to be formed will need to consist of at least three members coming from different countries. 

If you’re struggling to find members, follow us on Facebook where you can find like-minded people who you can team up with. We encourage everyone to share their struggles, victories, and make connections along the way! You can also contact the mentor team who can help you find members among those who have already signed up for the program. If you’re still feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Step 3: Work online on your new demo

After you have formed your new regional supergroup where each member has a specific role and well recognizable feature, start working on your new track online. Explore various platforms of online recordings and create a new single together. This demo will count as an application to Danube Sounds. 

Step 4: Finish you application: upload your track and tag all the contributors

Only one member of the group has to upload the new track but all the contributors must be tagged. You can add your mates by their nickname. Groups may hand in with the exact same members maximum three tracks but you can join multiple teams.

Keep in mind that the call is for musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and composers, who already have professional experience and a range of published materials. Each applicant has to prove that they already have two of the three following assets: 

  1. officially published, registered track, where applicant is registered as author or co-author (min. 20%) (2018.01.01 or after)
  2. officially published, registered track, where applicant is collaborator or featured (2018.01.01 or after)
  3.  video of live music performance on an official gig (club or festival), where applicant is clearly visible (2018.01.01 or after)